Back care in schools

School children and their teachers have been the focus of this year’s BackCare Awareness Week 2011.

Schoolchildren and their teacher reading in primary class

Young backs are being damaged by overweight schoolbags and badly designed chairs, while thousands of nursery, infant and primary school teachers are suffering in silence from back problems.

If you would like to be part of this exciting campaign, the BackCare website has more information and teachers packs. 

School bags

BackCare Active Backpacks
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Carrying overweight school bags and badly designed backpacks is leading to arise in back problems among young people.  These range from mechanical back pain to the more serious Scoliosis.

Young peoples spines are actively growing and at this crucial sage in their development, it is important to consider what they are carrying on a day to day basis.

BackCare have a range of specially developed Active Backpacks which help spread the load

School chairs

As practitioners, we are seeing more and more people with back problems related to school seating and whilst we appreciate that cost and durability is paramount, the design of many school chairs is unsuitable for their purpose.

Carlisle Business Supplies - School seating
A full range of school seating for all ages is available from Carlisle Business Supplies

Seats that slope backwards force students to bend too far forward to reach the desk.  Students are forced to swing on the front legs of the chair to make it tip forward or perch themselves uncomfortably on the edge of the seat.

Teachers, especially of the younger age groups often sit on the smaller chairs to bring themselves to the same level as the children.  This results in back injury and conditions such as Trochanteric Bursitis.

Make sure your school’s ergonomic assessments include these teachers.

Special tamper proof workstation chairs are available for use in schools and have been specifically designed and tailored to suit all school age groups.

Make sure your school takes professional advice on the type of chairs they use, The Sportsphysio staff are available to do this and we have teamed up with Carlisle Business Supplies who have a great range of chairs for students of all ages, including tamper proof workstation seating.

Their very helpful staff will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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