Walking safe in ice and snow

These incredibly useful ice grips make all the difference between carrying on as normal or being a slave to the British weather.

Injuries last year from falls on snow and ice ranged from sprained wrists and ankles to fractured collar bones and hips, some a minor inconvenience

Due North Ice and Snow grips
Simple and effective Due North Ice and Snow grips

whilst others involved major surgery and permanent disability.

We obtained our ice grippers a couple of years ago and have been singing their praises ever since, but by the time snow and ice arrived in November last year, many places sold out within a week or two.

This year, we are reminding people to get their orders in now, as many manufacturers and retailers are expecting another hard winter and high demand.

You can carry on with your outdoor activity, shopping and walking the dogs with much more confidence.

How do they work

A simple but strong rubber overshoe stretches around the sole of your shoe or boot.  This device has small tungsten carbide spikes embedded in the forefoot and heel region which grab into the snow and ice allowing us to walk about as if the surface was dry.

There are many types on the market, some with a coiled spring under the sole and some with spikes.  After testing these, we have to say that in our region where black ice and snow are regularly present together, the spike variety offers the best traction on both surfaces.

The ease with which they can be used also means that they can be easily removed when entering shops and buildings where the spikes would damage the floor.

Where to get them

The Sportsphysio.com is now offering Due North Traction Aids ice and snow grips by secure online order via our affiliation with a major reputable outdoor gear supplier.

These simple to fit ice and snow overshoes provide instant grip to any footwear in ice and snow. (Must have a reasonably wide, low heel to work effectively).

We chose the Due North range because they are simple to use at a very reasonable price.  They are also the only range we have found to date that offer spare replacement tungsten carbide spikes should you lose or damage one.

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