Ski Orthotics

The provide custom built orthotics for your ski boots.

The majority of ski boots have a fairly neutral footbed but not everybody has a neutral foot.

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Custom built ski orthotics can help you get the best from your boots

When your feet are correctly aligned within your ski-boots, you will be better able to regulate your balance, distribute your weight evenly and have greater control of your skis.  This can result in a dramatic improvement in your skiing.

Muscular or skeletal imbalances which may not be noticeable when walking, become amplified when skiing.  The smallest movement from a leg, pelvis or spine will have a great impact on the position of your skis, often requiring large corrections by the body, resulting in unnecessary and awkward movements from the torso, shoulders and arms in order to maintain balance.

Poor foot/ski alignment places greater strain on the ligaments of the knee, the hip and lower spine.  Correcting the alignment reduces this strain and reduces the risk of injury.  This is even more important in beginners who need to concentrate all of their efforts on technique.

Specific ski orthotics are designed to support the foot and control problems such as pronation and supination.

Why Ski orthotics?

People can be forgiven for thinking that if they wear orthotics in their every day shoes and trainers, these orthotics will just transfer to their ski boots.

Unfortunately this is not the case and doing so may cause more problems than you started with.

Normal orthotics or corrective insoles are designed for our  general, walking standing or running gait.  However, when we ski, the weight has to be perfectly balanced with the bulk of the body weight shifted to the midfoot.

Feet are fixed in one position on the skis and movement is now controlled by our body position, rather than through the foot.  The foot is a complex collection of joints which articulate in many directions to allow us to walk.  In skiing, this movement is superfluous and indeed annoying, as even the smallest motion becomes amplified when transmitted through the skis.

Ski orthotics can only be custom fitted, the wide variance in foot types combined with ski boots makes off the shelf orthotics useless for this application.

Other snow sports orthotics

The can also custom fit specialist orthotics for snow boarders, ice hockey and ice skates.

The Ski Boot Clinic – provides a skilled ski boot alignment service to help you avoid injury and get the best from your ski boots.